Stem cells play a prominent role in how we age. But there is a way to slow down this aging process.


Over time, the functionality of the human body’s cells deteriorates and eventually is unable to replicate. Question is, why?


The next time you’re beside someone, forget the instinct to browse on your phone. Instead, have some friendly banter, and you’ll be shocked about how much you gained from it

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The “Explain it to me like I'm five” version we all need to read.


A beginner’s guide to blockchain, the technology that’s taking over the world by a storm, and it’s just the beginning.

Every city has a different way of dealing with urban cleanliness. But is it strict municipal laws that have the most success in making a city spotless?

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Misinformation from countless articles and news outlets leads to false claims and assumptions about Astra Zeneca, causing people to unfairly turn away from the vaccine.


Stop hushing the little voice in your head that says, “what if?” — and instead embrace that curiosity

Fatimah Hussain

An AI+ML+CAD Software Design Enthusiast. Striving to Create an Everlasting Impact.

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